self-employed mortgage

Self-Employed Mortgage Guide 2021

Nothing can be more gratifying than being able to run your own business and keep all the earnings to yourself. You don’t have to worry about salaries or personnel. Your work revolves around you and your ideas without anyone breathing down your neck. There is also the convenience of never running late for the office […]

banks vs brokers

Your Ultimate Guide to Banks and Brokers 2021

Starting your homeownership journey includes a lot of critical decision along the way. It will have its own advantages and drawbacks while keeping in mind, comfortability and financial capacity. This includes your first step on the home ownership process. You’ll just have to choose you mortgage loan from banks or brokers that will suits you […]

home for sale

Canadians Are (Still) Buying Properties Amid COVID-19

When the pandemic struck in late 2019 and wreaked havoc across the globe mid-first quarter of 2021, the outlook towards the Canadian housing industry was bleak. Real estate has plunged and interest rates for mortgages dipped placing the ownership of properties in almost dire straits. The reason for this is simple: the pandemic caused social […]

manage your debt

7 Actions to Manage Your Debt in 2021

We are going to digress in our today’s blog. Our concern is about a topic that upsets many people most especially first-time house buyers like you – bad credit You are going to learn 7 tips regarding proper debt management that will give your financial standing a make-over to keep it in tip-top shape. Not […]

home maortgage transfer

Is Your Mortgage Loan Contract Transferrable?

When you purchased your property, the first person with whom you sought assistance was your mortgage loan adviser. It was through him/her that you were educated regarding the rudiments of mortgage loans and what type you should choose so that you won’t end up having any difficulty in meeting your monthly obligation (i.e., amortization payment). […]

home buying pitfalls

Top 6 Pitfalls First-Time Homebuyers Must Avoid

Once you enter the adulthood phase, one of the most exciting occurrences that you will ever experience is to be buying your own house. However, purchasing one is totally different against renting one for a good number of reasons. We won’t be listing them on this blog since (1) this is not the scope of […]

vairable rate save or cost money

Variable Rate: Will this Save or Cost You Money?

We have dealt with so many topics and sub-topics surrounding mortgage loans. Some were technical while some were theoretical. However, we cannot escape the reality that one of the major players in the mortgage arena is interest. It is through this fractional amount – often represented as a percentile value – of the principal that […]

mortgage rate

Should You Break Your 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Breaking your five year fixed rate mortgage may come to you as your means of saving money in the long run. You shorten your mortgage loan term, you immediately settle the loan, and you finally start anew with a fresh supply of capital in your bank account. Fantastic! But is it worth your effort and […]

mortage pre-approval

Tips for a Larger Mortgage Pre-Approval

House hunting – the very definition of looking for a house that suits your every fancy – is full of unexpected surprises that will “kill you with overwhelming caveats” that you just cannot take for granted. In other words, you are as helpless as driftwood on a seabed full of traps and sinister surroundings that […]

Mortgage Loan Types

10 Mortgage Loan Types and Down Payment Schedules

How many times have you witnessed this scenario: customer wants to buy a house so he/she goes to the bank and applies for a housing loan, bank disapproves his/her application, buyer goes to a mortgage company and borrows capital, lender approves mortgage application, and finally, he/she purchases house. It’s just like in the movies, right? […]