Canada First: 0.99% All-time Low Mortgage Rate

It only comes once in a while for an offer to arrive that everybody finds difficult to resist. 0.99% low mortgage rate is, by far, the lowest in Canada’s history. No other banks or lending institutions even come close to match this special rate from HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation).

Dominion Lending Offer

Welcome to Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage House where our team helps you deal with the nuances of mortgages and credit score repair. Our brokers are committed to valuing your needs by getting the best options available for you and providing you complete professional support and advice. We already serviced many Canadians with regard to their financial and credit shortcomings that allowed them to avail of a 2nd or even a 3rd mortgage loan.

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By hiring our services, we promise you the following:
  • Locked mortgage rate for 120 days. As your esteemed mortgage advisor, we will provide you with a pre-approved mortgage rate.
  • Easier pre-payment plans. We allow customized pre-payment plans based on your preference.
  • Free bank account with zero monthly fees. We promise you absolutely NO monthly fees on your FREE bank account if you carry a mortgage value of $150,000.00 and above.
  • Low down payment. Our mortgage agency will offer you down payment rates as low as 5% to 19% as your complement to the 0.99% low mortgage rate we offer.
  • Favourable rate options. We offer you 3 rate options that best suit your financial capacity: fixed prime interest rate, variable interest rate, and hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage
  • Easy application and approval. Satisfy our required mortgage documents and we promise to deliver your request within an hour and produce results that instantly qualify you for a mortgage approval.

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